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Scangrip Sensor 2 headlamp

Sensor 2

The Sensor 2 headlamp with batteries and motion-sensing activation features.


The redesigned Scangrip Sensor 2 headlamp is now available in its 2nd generation with a light output that has been improved by more than 30%!


The touchless, motion-sensing activation of this headlamp, enables you to conserve battery life by easily switching on and off the lamp quickly, even when wearing gloves.


With flexible lighting positioning and a touchless on/off switch sensor, the Scangrip Sensor 2 headlamp is easy to operate and applicable for a wide array of work assignments. This Headlamp features a two-step operating setting which provides 60 lumens of illumination on step 1 at 50%, and provides 120 lumens on step 2 at 100% output, reaching up to 40m!


The Sensor 2 headlamp is sturdy and resistant to rough and dirty working environments. The headlamp is lightweight and comfortable to wear, with a soft built-in protection pad to avoid any imprints on one's forehead and features an adjustable 30mm headband.


The Sensor 2 headlamp is tested according to the ANSI/NEMA FL-1 standard.

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