Scangrip Magnetic bracket

Magnetic bracket

Compact and very powerful magnetic bracket designed for flexible mounting and positioning of NOVA work lights on any magnetic surface.


The magnet is extremely powerful with a holding force of more than 20 kg equivalent to 210N. The magnet is rubber-coated to protect and avoid scratching the surface. To obtain maximum flexibility the magnet is turnable and can be rotated to any desired position. So, even where the magnetic surface available is limited the flexible mounting bracket can be used.


The simple and one-hand-operated mounting bracket ensures fast and secure installation, and the lamp can be tilted to any position required in the daily work. A built-in stop mechanism avoids the pin from falling out of the bracket and disappear. By forcing the pin can, however, be taken out if needed.


For the large NOVAs, we recommend using the large MAGNETIC BRACKET (item no. 03.5391) with a double holding force. 


The bracket is designed for:

  • 03.5440 NOVA 3K
  • 03.5441 NOVA 3K C+R
  • 03.5442 NOVA 5K
  • 03.5443 NOVA 5K C+R
  • 03.6000 NOVA 4 SPS
  • 03.6001 NOVA 6 SPS
  • 03.5653 Multimatch 3