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The NEBO Twyst LED Flashlight is a torch that does it all and with a Twyst™! The Twyst™ features a high-power flashlight, work light and lantern all in one! The Twyst™ uses 3D C.O.B. LED technology that allows the shaping of light into full 3D patterns, giving optimal, bright, uniform light exactly where it’s needed.


The Twyst™ features a 120º beam pattern in work light mode and a 360º beam pattern when used in lantern mode. Retractable base stabilizers are positioned at the bottom of the flashlight to give added stability on uneven surfaces.  A powerful magnetic base also provides convenient hands-free lighting.


The NEBO Twyst LED Flashlight, shaping light like never before!



  • 3D C.O.B. LED Technology
  • Tactical edge<