Scangrip Sunmatch


The Scangrip Sunmatch Colour Match Light is the worlds first range of handheld work lights for colour matching and detailing. The special LED with high CRI value is for perfect colour recognition.


The Scangrip Sunmatch Colour Match Light is perfect for any paint, polish, cleaning or prep-zone operation and is the only colour match work light range in the world. The sturdy Colour Match products are designed for use in the painting workshop and for a multitude of inspection applications.


The long operating time of the Scangrip Sunmatch Colour Match Light makes it possible to complete a job without interruption by time-consuming recharging. They are supplied with a replaceable glass lens resistant to all kind of solvents and tolerating daily cleaning.


Both Sunmatch and Multimatch are completely dust-proof, waterproof and are resistant to the extremely demanding painting workshop environment.


Colour Match increase quality, precision and finish of each operation and helps reduce the rate of time-consuming and costly re-work.


The Scangrip Sunmatch is easy to carry in the pocket or in the work belt by the built-in belt clip, so you can always keep it to hand in every work environment.


Place the lamp anywhere you want during inspection work with the use of the turnable sturdy hook and the strong built-in magnet. The flexible lamp head tilts up to 180 degrees.


Features a two-step operating option depending on the type and durability of the work carried out: Step 1 = 100%, step 2 = 50% light output. Up to 3 hours of operation time.


The Scangrip Sunmatch supplied with a li-ion battery and intelligent battery indicator at the front. To save battery and to help avoid the risk of overheating, this product features an intelligent built-in system that switches to low mode after 3 minutes of use at high mode. The charging base is prepared for wall mounting and supplied with a magnet on the bottom side to fix it to the working table.


Applications for Sunmatch lights:

  • For colour matching.
  • For quality checks between prep-zone operations.
  • As general detailing and inspection work light.