Scangrip Sensor LED headlamp


The Scangrip Sensor LED headlamp is designed with sensor technology which makes it possible to turn on – and off – the lamp only with the movement of your hand! This makes it easy to switch the lamp on/off even with thick gloves, and you avoid touching the switch button with dirty hands.


Flexible lighting position just turn focus lens from wide-angle for close-range work light to narrow-angle for long-distance light, depending on your work task. The lamp head is easily adjusted to obtain the optimum work lighting angle. Stepless adjustable lighting beam angle ranges between 45° and 25°.


The Scangrip headlamp is sturdy and resistant to rough and dirty working environments.


The Scangrip Sensor LED headlamp is very comfortable to wear and has a soft built-in protection pad to avoid imprint on the forehead.


The ergonomic and elastic, adjustable three-point headband is extra wide (30 mm) for a perfect fit. If you prefer the lamp without the upper headband, it can be removed.