Scangrip NOVA SPS 4 kit C.O.B. LED light with SPS Bluetooth Scangrip battery pack  Scangrip padded bag.

NOVA SPS 4 kit

Unique 4000 lumen C.O.B. LED light with SPS and Bluetooth Scangrip 03.6000, 4.0ah battery pack and Scangrip padded bag.



  • Work light with SPS and BLUETOOTH providing up to 10,000 lumens. Incl exchangeable battery and charger
  • Extremely powerful illumination up to 10,000 lumens
  • Light dimmable in 5 steps
  • Display for battery capacity and remaining operating time
  • Unlimited availability to light with a new patented Scangrip power solution
  • BLUETOOTH light control app with extended functionality
  • Built-in power bank
  • DUAL SYSTEM 2in1 with exchangeable battery pack – both rechargeables with battery or with power supply from the battery charger mounted directly to the lamp
  • Integrated backup battery functionality – up to 1h use with 1000 lumen without battery or cable
  • IP67 – waterproof to be used in tough environment


Bluetooth Light Control App

  • Dimmer light output into 5 levels 10%-100%
  • Switch on/off
  • Renaming individual lamps
  • Assign pin code
  • Check battery level
  • Control up to 4 lamps


Download light control app for NOVA SPS 4:

App Store - iOS
Google Play - Android


The process to delete the pin code is:

  • Turn on the Bluetooth function
  • Press the Bluetooth button for 10 second
  • The pin code is reset