Scangrip NOVA 6 SPS C.O.B. LED work light


Scangrip is proud to present the next generation NOVA range - the world’s most powerful and sturdy work lights with the new innovative SPS battery system providing extremely high light output and outstanding flexibility.


The NOVA 6 SPS features the latest C.O.B. LED technology providing 6,000 lumens making it a universal all-round work light for the demanding professional user. 


The extreme sturdiness of the NOVA 6 SPS makes it endure even the most challenging and demanding working environment, as it is made of die-casted aluminum and completely dust and waterproof, IP67.


The design is elegant, with a carrying handle and a stand for flexible positioning and direct mounting on the Scangrip Tripod. Moreover, the lamp is supplied with a built-in power bank with a USB outlet that enables you to charge mobile devices on the go. 


SPS Scangrip Power Solution
The new Scangrip Power Solution provides you with unlimited availability to light. Easily you can insert a new, fully charged battery and continue the work while another battery is charging. Or you can simply add the charger directly to the lamp to get power supply. The integrated battery backup function prevents you from being without light at any time.


BLUETOOTH light control
With the integrated BLUETOOTH light control you get an extraordinary possibility to turn on/off up to four work lights and adjust the light output into five different levels to suit the work task in question through your mobile device. This new feature saves time from manual operation and increases work efficiency on a daily basis.


Download light control app:

App Store - iOS
Google Play - Android


The process to delete the pin code is:

  • Turn on the Bluetooth function
  • Press the Bluetooth button for 10 second
  • The pin code is reset


The design of the NOVA 6 SPS is unique and covered by EU design patent RCD No 5597010.