Scangrip Multimatch 2 rechargeable work light

Multimatch 2

The next generation Scangrip Multimatch 2 Colour Match work light, is a part of a completely new concept of specialized work light solutions, designed for the detailing and paint industry.


This powerful and rechargeable work light provides up to 2500 lumen, and features an all-new, 5-step dimmer function, making it possible to adjust the light into five different levels.


The Scangrip Multimatch 2 is also supplied with a user-friendly display showing both battery capacity and the remaining operating time.


The Scangrip Multimatch 2 is ideal for inspection of large surfaces during polishing, painting and cleaning operations as well as for colour match.


Designed with our Dual System, this work light can be used both with a cable connection and from the rechargeable battery, without a cable connection, depending on the work task at hand. It is very easy to change over and only takes a second to connect or disconnect the power cable when needed. This gives you ultimate flexibility and unlimited application possibilities.


The body is made of diecast aluminium, which makes it extremely sturdy and shockproof, to endure even heavy strokes and shocks. At the same time, it is dust and waterproof, IP67. Supplied with a solvent resistant glass lens.


With the new integrated carrying handle, it is convenient to hand carry the lamp. The flexible stand can be used as a hanger and to position the lamp in the desired lighting angle.


The new Colour Match detailing range features a 2 colour light function, providing you with the option to choose between 2 different colour temperatures depending on the type of job at hand:

  • The WARM LIGHT (4500K) option is especially useful for bright surfaces.
  • The COLD LIGHT (6500K) option is ideal for dark coloured surfaces.

Designed for direct mounting onto the Scangrip Tripod and with the Scangrip Wheel Stand.