Scangrip Flash Pen penlight

Flash Pen

Flash Pen is very sturdy and of extraordinarily high quality designed for the professional user. With significantly improved light output, a compact design and even more functionality, the flashlight is a true sidekick throughout the workday.


The flashlight features a magnetic on/off switch with boost mode that enables you to increase the light output from 100 to 200 lumen. Hold down the on/off switch for two seconds to activate boost mode. The flashlight automatically turns to normal mode after 60 seconds.


By means of the focus function, you can vary the beam angle from 10° to 60°, from concentrated and focused light beam angle to long-distance light. Light output reaches up to 80 m.


Supplied with a clip and designed to always have in the chest pocket, right at your fingertips. The housing is made of anodized aluminum for high durability and an ergonomic and safe grip. Waterproof, IP54.


Scangrip flashlights are tested according to the ANSI/NEMA FL1 standard.